Absence and Tardy Policy

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Absence and Tardy Policy
by Course Director - Friday, 28 April 2017, 10:47 AM

All Students Please Note:

According to the School Catalog, the Attendance and Tardy Policy is as follows:


Med-Assist School of Hawaii believes that attendance is MANDATORY to promote successful academics leading to graduation and necessary attribute required of a healthcare career.  Students need to attend ALL of their courses EVERY day to successfully pass their courses.  Every student should be prepared to attend EVERY class session, as well as EVERY work day at their assigned externship site. If a student must be absent, s/he should call and inform the school (as well as their externship site during the extern phase) that they will not be attending. It is the student's responsibility to obtain any class material and make-up any classwork missed because of an absence, as well as to consult with their extern coordinators to determine if any work hours must be made up. Students should firmly understand that excessive absences may adversely affect their grades, impede their successful academic progress, result ultimately in their not completing the academic requirements, and may be cause for them to be administratively withdrawn from the program.


Students are limited to only two absences per course per phase.  On the third absence, the student will be given a Student Advising Form and dismissed from class.  A student status drop or failure of the course will immediately follow depending on the school drop and fail policies.


Any tardy over 30 minutes or leaving early from the class will constitute the student being absent for that class. There will be no exceptions.